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Castor Oil

Castor oil  is made with castor beans, no chemical added.  Castor oil contains omega-3 fatty acid that is good for hair, castor oil is a good source of moisture for hair , treats dry and itchy scalp, prevents hair fall, and helps to soften hair, adds moisture and shine to your hair. Castor oil  contains a lot of vitamins E , nutrients, and antioxidants as well.
Ingredient: Castor beans

Directions: Massage the hair with oil into the scalp, can be use on wet or dry hair, for better result apply 2-3 times a week  
Disclaimer: If  you are allergic to any castor beans please stop using, not liable and responsible for illness or any allergic reaction. Please always do a skin test before applying this product on your scalp.

Due to the nature of the product All sales are final. NO REFUND!